I should probably stop drinking alone

keepin it classy

can somebody talk to me because being drunk and alone is sad


 Sara R Town

Grossglockner, Austria | Arto Hakola

drunk blogging

I wish that when we were little people told us how scary being an adult really was, they always say stay young while you can or don’t grow up too fast. But what they should tell you is that you will one day hit rock bottom and the life you had planned out will not be going as scheduled and you will feel like there is no more hope and that you have failed. But they should also tell you that you will survive and that you are not a failure because you hit rock bottom, It takes a strong person to venture out into the world alone and I am just no learning that sometimes asking for help does not mean that you have failed.

woke up and ate a quesadilla in bed, for breakfast. life is really looking up.

feelin’ hot